"people are starting to notice. and are asking questions. lies lies lies. its all you tell them. yes i ate today. i lost all the weight by eating healthy . its only 5 lbs. no its really not a big deal. im fine. im not hungry. ill eat later. cover your ass. dont let your parents see the massive weight loss. but your collar bones say everything. your waist line spills your lies. who are you kidding everyone is noticing. you try and wear baggy clothes so people wont. but the bags under your eyes are saying it all. this has consumed you. its all you can think about.  the pain. the hunger. the shaking. the light headed-ness. the binging. the purging. the restricting. all to see the bones underneath your skin. see your waist line shrink. to see the numbers on the scale to get smaller and smaller. you are too far in to quit now.

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