det har varit halloween hela veckan


tell me the reason why you must stay inside my head

hittade en död geting på mitt golv. nu får han vila en stund bland fina höstträd.





I wish I was beside her, but I'm not there

I'm gone.

nothing ever happens in this town

I can draw the line on the first date
I'll let you cross it


i seem to have lost.

Livet är en evig söndag

Alla jag känner är döda, jag hade verkligen behövt fika.
Alla jag känner är döda, jag hade verkligen behövt skrika.

smärtan finns alltid kvar.

"I saw her today. It was long since I saw her last, three weeks or so. She looked good, but her eyes were a bit distant and it seemed like she was somewhere else. She looked so perfect in the autumn light, with her fringe flying around in the wind. And I didn't know what to do, should I hug her? Maybe a kiss on the cheek? Or do I stay one armlength away from her? I didn't know.
I reached down my back pocket, found a package of cigarettes, put one to my lips and lit it. She stretched out two thin fingers, expecting to have a fag. I couldn't help but to think:
What do I owe her? OK, she gave me the best two weeks of my life, she taught me about love, even though she never ever loved me. She helped me to see the things in life worth seeing, and her eyes were always present.
She gave me the world.
So I gave her a fag, and watched her leave

i'm still just a rat in a cage

Jag känner att jag äntligen har börjat gå vidare (eller, fan. det är svårt).
Men jag vill fan inte va kvar in that state of mind, så jag ska glömma.